Paul Gustavson
Realty Executives Boston West


Well you are in luck, the market has swung back in favor of Sellers! In MA the market is up 15-20% from the 2009 lows.  the inventory of homes for sale is very low and there are plenty of buyers out there looking. Metrowest is a very desireable place to live. I am seeing lots of pent up demand from young growing families that have put off buying for the last 3 years. Let me provide you the information and expertise to make the best of your situation, grab the attention of these buyers  and insure the selling process is as painless and stress free as possible.

If you bought your home before 2004 with at least 10% down payment with little or no home equity loans, congratulations you are in great shape and will not have financial complications with your sale other than getting a less than at the 2005/2006 peak. The good news is that wherever you are going you will be buying another home for a lot less then in 2005!

If you bought later than 2004 or have taken a lot of equity out of your home unfortunately your situation is not as good. If you do need to sell for whatever reason, there are several options available to you. Read on.


The longer a seller's home is on the market, the less attractive the home becomes to buyers.

The best home selling strategy is to;

Price it right,
Select the best listing agent (professional, full time, proven)
Prepare your home properly for fastest sale and best price
Attract (thru professional/quality internet and traditional marketing) that excited home buyer who will offer the best price in shortest time.


Pricing a home is part art and part science. It's a combination of marrying analytical statistics to emotional appeal and market movement. You do not want to overprice your home or try to "test the market.“

Buyers are smart, they are not going to pay more than “Fair Market Value” – The price that other similar homes sold for in the area. Any Realtor can find similar homes that sold recently to estimate an asking price. A good Realtor will take the time to make /- adjustments for latest market trends and amenities your home offers to establish an accurate Fair Market Value.


• Business education, in-depth experience & success (in today’s market!)
• Has experience and a proven Track Record
• Work Ethic – Professional Full Time Realtor willing to go the “extra mile”
• Honesty and Integrity, Open and Full Disclosure
• Analytical Skills/Objective Thinking
• Good Communication Skills and Regular Follow-up
• Is always accessible when needed; phone, email, meetings
• Skillful Negotiating Abilities, Assertive, Looking out for your best value
  Established, innovative quality Marketing Program
  Invests $$ in Quality Internet Marketing, website advertising
  Their Broker Office is local and is reputable
  Networks throughout area with local business people, public, etc
  Provides Strong and Willing References
  Displays a Sense of Humor. Ability to Keep Cool in Tough Situation
  Personal Guarantee – Opt out of Listing Contract anytime
  Network of professionals – Good Contractors, Attorneys, etc


Take advantage of my research and experience and read my "Setting the Stage Sells Your Home". Email me below or click "contact me" to receive a copy.

• What repairs to make. How not to spend more then you can recoup
• How best to Declutter, Clean, De-personalize, Prepare each room, Exterior Prep and Landscape
• Home Staging Strategy and Ideas

I can assist you in selling your home for the best price quickly and with the least amount of disruption to you. This is a goal I take very seriously by providing respectful and prompt service and using a more innovative sales approach.

Meeting this goal in today’s market requires more than the age-old comparable market analysis (CMA) to determine a home's asking price and painting the front door in an attempt to improve curb appeal. In this very dynamic market one needs to take the right measures to maximize sales price in the shortest time and with the least amount of interruption to your busy lives.


The typical CMA is just a comparison of your home to other homes that sold in the past in the attempt to determine your homes fair market value. The issue with most CMAs is that they do not take into consideration the competing homes on the market right now, the state of the market right now or where the market is headed, or what can be done to make your home better than the competition. Not looking at these factors could cause you to miss-price your home.

My CMA Plus is a competitive market analysis of similar homes on the market and comprehensive plan to make your home much more attractive than these competing properties - leading to the highest possible sale price.


I apply my combined home design and marketing experience to best prepare your home for maximum resale and profit to you.

"Pre-Listing Home Inspection" – An inspection of your home to discover any technical issues with your home in advance of a buyers Home Inspection. It’s better and cheaper to know and fix issues in advance. An undisclosed or unresolved issue can be a powerful negotiation tool in the favor of a savvy buyer, prolong a sale, or even be a deal breaker.

"Home Prep Plus" – This comprehensive service prepares your home for sale and improve its condition to achieve the optimal sales price. Together we will create a list of items to be repaired or touched up. I will perform as your project manager to coordinate the completion of the items by a reputable local contractor.

"Staging Plus" –  I can provide a professional home decorator to visit and make recommendations to alter the décor and arrangement of your home to increase its appeal to a greater majority of buyers. This will include “staging” your home prior to taking listing photos, video and showings.


Today over 87% of all buyers are using the internet to search for a new home. I spend an enormous amount of time and money to make sure your home has maximum exposure on-line.

Selling your home quickly and at the best price requires getting the word out to as many buyers as possible – creating “BUZZ” about your home!

This is done in two ways:

1. Market your home directly to known home buyers looking in Metrowest, again primarily through showcasing your home on a large array of websites
2. Market your home directly to other agents that represent buyers looking for homes like yours

Homes listed by me create “BUZZ” naturally because other agents and buyers know my listings are going to be in top condition and look great. I get the word out anyway through several different means:

• Listing on over 50 real estate websites that are top hits on web search engines
• Listing on and
• Creation of email brochures and hard copy marketing materials
• Aggressive Internet and newspaper advertising and Open Houses
• "Reverse prospecting” to brokers with known buyers through MLS searches

Although I do all the heavy lifting, you and I work as a team to sell your home. We have weekly discussion to review showing activity and feedback, changes in local market trends, and status of competing listings. we agree on next steps then I make adjustments to your specific marketing plan accordingly.

Most listing agents do not show their own listings!  A Realtor's job should not end when the sign goes up in the yard and resume when an offer is made! I apply my sales skills to assure that your home is getting the best presentation possible to all buyers and their agent when they visit. In this way I am sure they are not missing something important about your home or that a key question goes unanswered. In this market we can not afford to drop the ball on any detail!